Many of us are blessed to have food in our kitchens and ready meals on our tables, however millions of people go days and weeks without a nourishing meal. Therefore, we want to tackle this global problem of ‘hunger’ amongst the impoverished members of society, by distributing essential food packs. 

Annually, we’ve successfully provided thousands of families with essential food items on a regular basis, so they don’t remain hungry for at least a month. 

Each food packs costs USD 30/ GBP 25 and contains:

  • 10kg Maize flour (Unga wa sima)

  • 5kg Wheat flour (Unga wa ngano)

  • 3kg Rice

  • 2kg Sugar

  • 1kg Salt

  • 1/2kg Tea leaves

  • 1/2kg Butter (Kimbo)

  • 2kg Red kidney beans (Maharagwe)

  • 2kg Green lentils

  • 2 packets of Spaghetti 

  • 5 Bars of soap

  • 2 strips of Panadol

  • 150ml Water Guard (a dilute chlorine solution for point-of-use water treatment)

Although we carry out this project all-year round, we multiply our efforts in the Holy month of Ramadhan, a month of Giving and Mercy.

During this month, in addition to the usual food packs (as described above), we provide families and orphanages with ready cooked meals on a daily basis. Such meals (at a cost of $3 each) typically include a portion or rice and meat, fruit, and bottled water, per person.

Food distribution project 2020