Self-sufficient programme-  We’re supporting single-parent mothers in poverty-stricken villages to help them stand independently and make a daily living to feed themselves and their families. We’ve come across many women who have lost the working men in their families either through bereavement or separation, and now find themselves in dire need to earn money to provide food and shelter to their families. 

As such, we’re running a programme whereby we supply women with either Sewing machines, herd animals (such as goats), or Maize Milling Machine to crush maize. 

How can you help?

You can make a donation to fund the purchase of a sewing machine, herd animal, or Maize Milling Machine (as many as you’d like), or alternatively, you can supply us with these on ground in Kenya, and we’ll arrange for the delivery to the recipients.

Should you wish to make a donation, the cost breakdown is as follows:

One Sewing Machine


Maize Milling Machine


One Goat


One Cow


One Chicken


Cost of House