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Founded in July 2012, Birds of Paradise Foundation is a private non-affiliated charity organization established to help the less fortunate in Kenya, Africa.
Our initial aim was to provide food packs to local villages containing everyday food essentials, which we found the locals struggling to obtain on a regular basis for their families. Our first year was a great success as we managed to support hundreds of families.
Food distribution has since been an on-going project, tradition if you may, and year on year, we’ve attained incredible support, which has enabled us to extend our reach to the most remote areas in Kenya to over 100,000 families annually. The saying: ‘Charity begins at home’ really inspired us and took our ambitions to new heights, having diversified into other projects in areas of Education, Shelter, and Water supply.
That being said, as ‘the sky is the limit’, we’re not stopping there! We’re now registered in the UK and in the USA, so through these channels, and with your support, we aim to expand our reach even further and work together as a global community to fight the war against poverty.

Meet The Team


Abdulqadir Aboo (Trustee & Founder)

Founder Birds Of Paradise • Founder Charity Begins at Home • Rotarian • Young Memon Charity member • Hon. Warden Kenya Wildlife

Abdulhamid Aboo (Trustee)

Lawyer (Qualified & Practicing) • PDG District 9212 2005/5 • Director First Community Bank • Director Bomu Hospital


Dawood Harunani (Trustee)


Mohamednazir Harunani (Trustee)


Imam Dawood Yasin (Trustee)


Saima Bagha (Member)



Muhammadali Macci (Trustee)

UK Qualified Tax Advisor • Corporate Law Project Manager • Nasserpuria Memon UK Trustee • Advisor to social entrepreneurs under the Ernst & Young Foundation programme

Ilham Aboo (Trustee)


Tariq Kassam (Trustee)

Devops App Support • Communications member Committee • Macquarie Foundation Member

Mushtaq Macci (Trustee)

Past treasurer of Memon Association • Past Treasurer & trustee of Nasserpuria • Memon UK for over 30 years

We do not discriminate any race, ethnicity nor religion. We are here to support all of humanity.

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