Last Amended: April 17, 2021

  1. Every penny of your donation will go to the cause or charity project you gave it for.
  2. We will not deduct any fees or administration costs from your donation.
  3. We treat every donation as an Amanah and use it only for the cause/ project that you donated this for.

Types of Donation we accept:

  1. Zakat 
  2. Sadaqah al- Jariah 
  3. Fidya 
  4. General Donation

These can be made one-off or on a monthly basis via standing order.

Gift Aid – Specific to UK Taxpayers

As a UK taxpayer you can increase the value of your donation by 25%, by adding Gift Aid, which means the UK government will top-up 0.25p for every £1 of your donation. 

This is a Scheme, operated by the UK Government, allowing tax to be reclaimed by charities from eligible donations. Not all donations are eligible for gift-aid (such as donations made by businesses or by someone who is unemployed etc.). We will use the Gift Aid, where it is available, to cover the administrative costs of the Charity, namely: transport logistics and bank charges. 

Should you wish to top-up your donation with gift-aid, and you are a UK tax payer, please send us an email with your signed declaration form, which you can find here.

This is how we can operate our 100% Donation Policy of your personal donation.


Birds of Paradise Foundation is a registered charity in Kenya, the UK, and the USA, and therefore it complies with all relevant local charity regulations. The Trustees work on a voluntary basis and are not paid and carry out their duties to the best of their abilities in good faith.  

You are more than welcome to Contact us to find out more about our charity and how we operate, or if you wish to join us as a volunteer or Partner with us. Contact us at if in the UK and Europe, or if in Africa, and for the rest of the world.